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LED Emergency Kit for led tube

  • LEK08-924LF
  • flolite
  • 9405409000

※ Product Description

◆ This emergency kit works as an isolated circuit, voltage: AC220-240V, the output is constant current

◆ The self-regulated internal charger keeps the battery fully charged and protects it from overcharging.

Li-on battery, Non-Mantained.

※ Product Specification





Working Voltage




8 Led tuTbes with internal led driver

Working Power

9W, 18W, 24W

Output Voltage


Supply Current


Charging Time


Emergency Duration

60-120 minutes


Storage Temperature

(-20+ 85°C 10-85% RH)

Ambient Temperature

( -1045°C) standard tempearture 25°C


230mm x 32mm x 30mm

※ Wiring Diagram


※ Important Notes

◥ Exceeding the storage and usage temperature range will shorten the life of the battery.

The battery must be charged and discharged at least once every 3 months.

◥ Use only the original battery connector. Do not attempt to solder directly on the battery.

The battery must be used only in the specified temperature range.

◥ Do not subject the battery or equipment to shocks.

Do not place the battery in contact with fire or attempt to disassemble it. The battery content is highly alkaline and may damage skin or clothing.

◥ When the emergency function test is finished, the battery should be disconnected firstly before removing the kit!

※ Description of indicator lights and test button

Indicator Light

Green light

             In the presence of mains electricity supply, constant green light on.

Red light

The red light is becoming brighter during charging, and keeps constant red light on after Battery fully charged.

Yellow light

         Battery disconnected, yellow light accompanied by alarm sound signal.

Test Button


To test the equipment load: (Press and release the button) to change the mode of operation, (AC and emergency battery).

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