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Blacklight Blue Fluorescent Lamp (BLB)

  • Model NO.: BLB
Product features:
* Wattage: 4W/6W/8W/13W/10W/15W/18W/30W/36W
* Voltage: 110V~130V/60Hz, 220V~240V/50Hz
* Bulb type: T5/T8
* Made of special glass and with inner envelope coated with fluorescent powder emitting long wave UV-A radiation to excite luminescence.
* The long wave UV-A rays cause white and neon colors to glow brightly.
* Applicable for detection and analysis in the food and textile industries, archaeology, Banking, forensic science, chemistry and medicine, mineralogy, philately.
* Applicable for Special effects in night-clubs, discos and theatres or sign lighting.
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