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T4/T5/T8/T9/T10/T12 Fluorescent Lamp

  • Model NO.: T4/T5/T8/T9/T10/T12
  • HS Code: 85393199
Product features:
* Wattage:
T4 6W88W/12W/16W/20W/22W/24W/26W/28W/30W;
T5 4W/6W/8W/13W/14W /21W /28W/35W/24W/39W/49W/54W/80W;
T8 10W/15W/18W/30W/36W/58W
T9/T10/T12 20W/40W
* Voltage: 110V~130V/60Hz, 220V~240V/50Hz
* Bulb type: T4, T5, T8, T9, T10, T12
* Color temperture: 6500K-DL/4100K-CW/2700K-WW.
* with its tube diameter 16mm, which just 60% of standard T8 tubes, the lamp save more material.
* Shorter tube ensures more accurate lighting control.
* The optimal operating temperature has been increased to 35C, which conform to actual lighting environment.
* High lumen maintenance performance.
* High color rendering index.
* Match with quality electronic ballast, suitable for ambient temperature form 15C to 50C.
* Low mercury: The environmental protection technology is adopted.
* Match freely with various lighting fixtures to produce optimal lighting effect.
* Compared with other same length tubes, T5 high output fluorescent Tubes offer stronger lumen output.
* Applicable for office, supermarket, hospital, industrial lighting and other places which require high efficiency, energy-saving fluorescent lighting system.
* CE approved.
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