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LED Emergency Kit

This emergency kit accords with IEC 61347-2-7:2011 & IEC 61347-1:2007(2nd Edition) + A1:2010 +A2:2012, it is suitable for all 3-50W LED lamps with external driver. It can be used in public places to ensure LED lights work normally when power failures suddenly because of fire and earthquake and etc.. This emergency kit would not influence its environment and power around when it works.
  • LEK016-350

  • flolite

  • 9405409000

Backup duration:
Input Voltage:
Output Power:

※ Product Specification:




3.7V 2600mAh

Input Voltage

AC85-265V 50/60Hz

Working Temperature


Input power


AC fuse

1A 250V

Output power


DC fuse

5A 250V

Type of lamp

LED luminaire with external led driver

Switching time to Emergency


Charging time


IP Rating


Backup duration



133x55x21 mm

Battery and light source

◆ Battery: in normal occasion, please change battery when discharging time is less than 100 minutes after being charged for 24 hours or battery leakage When changing battery, Cut of the main power, take apart the lamp, removing the battery plug and replace the old one with a new battery of same specification ,then the driver will be OK. Usually the lifespan of battery can be more than 3years.

Note: The positive and negative of battery should not be connected reverse, and we should avoid directly short-circuit the battery. Explosion will be caused if using unmatched battery. Please abide by local rules when discarding old battery.

◆ Light source: 3-50W LED lamps with external driver, please change to the same light source if light source is broken or brightness is not enough.

Warning: As the inner PCB includes 220V/50HZ high voltage, so it must be unloaded/opened ONLY by professional technical.

Indicator Light

Red:  Charging status

Blue: Emergency status

Green: Main Power status

indicator light




Green Light not working

Something wrong with the led driver

Checking the led driver

Green light is broken or the circuit is disconnected

Checking circuit or changing green light

Red light is off

Not being charged

Checking the charging circuit or battery

Red light is broken or the circuit is disconnected

Checking circuit or changing red light

Battery is full charged

Disconnecting the main power supply, make the led lights work in emergency status for 30 minutes, make the led light return to work in main power status again

Blue light is off

The battery is open circuit

Checking the battery

Light source is open circuit or short circuit

Ensuring light source is connected correctly

PCB is broken

Checking the Maintaining the circuit board

Wiring diagram



1. It should be connected according to the wiring diagram on the emergency kit’s surface strictly

2. When connecting to AC power, see if it works normally, at this time, green indicating light is on. At the same time, red indicating light would be on too, but it will be off after full charged. Two status of LED lamp:

The LED lamp is off when its own driver is not connected 220V AC power;

The LED lamp if on when its own driver is connected 220V AC power

3. Press the test button, the emergency kit enters the status of simulation of power failure. At this time, the indicating light of main power (green) and charging (red) is off, while the emergency indicating light (blue) is on, it is in emergency status, and the LED lamp is working, but the brightness is not so high. After loosing the button, it will return to main power status again.

4. Cut off the emergency kit input switch, the LED lamp will be in emergency status.

5. Cutting off the LED lamp’s connection to the emergency kit in emergency status, the emergency kit will stop supplying power to the LED lamp, the emergency indicating light would be off.
* Finishing installation after ensuring all are normal after testing.  
* After testing the above steps, if OK, installation is finished.

6. Keeping a record of maintenance and maintaining the emergency kit and LED lamp regularly

7. Checking regularly to ensure its lifespan and usage.


• Usually it should be installed at stairs, corridor and the ceiling, except outside environment.

The main power supply of this emergency kit should be controlled by the light’s switch, NOT influenced by the other switches.

Please note that its working voltage is 85V-265V AC power 47-63Hz. It would be broken if connected with 380V high voltage

If the indicator lights can’t work as usual, the main power should be cut off immediately and maintain the emergency kit

Checking if there are any broken emergency kits before use, and please do not use any broken ones or out-of- shaped ones.

If the emergency kit is not used for over 3 months, it should be connected to AC power for full charging and discharging (until LED lamp is completely off). Then keeping the emergency kit on main power for 24 hours and put it in dry ventilated place.

this should be operated by professional technical for your safety.

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